About Digit Payroll | A New Jersey Payroll Company
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About Us

Everything you'll need in a payroll service.

Our Story


Everything you’ll need in a payroll service.


We believe that it is trust that binds us to our clients. To secure this trust, we have dedicated ourselves to providing a level of service and responsiveness that is unparalleled in the industry.

Every aspect of payroll

Because Digit is a full-service company, we can handle every aspect of your payroll needs, whether you currently generate payroll internally or employ another service.

We can do it for less

Digit can do your payroll for less than what you are spending right now.







History of Digit Payroll, a New Jersey Payroll Company

Digit Payroll was created to take the burden of payroll out of the hands of business owners. While in public accounting I quickly noticed that there was a need for a payroll service bureau to competently handle the needs of the small to mid-size business market. Spending more time correcting other service bureau mistakes quickly became a full time job. Frustrated clients were seeking a better way and with that Digit Payroll was born.


As founder of Digit, I recognized that eliminating payroll compliance issues and streamlining the clients’ time on performing payroll related tasks were bedrock ingredients in designing a system. Then adding competent payroll specialists interacting with our clients in a professional, personal manner on a day-to-day basis completed the recipe.


Unlike most of the other guys, a main focus on sales was not a priority. “Build it and they will come” mentality ensued. 25 years and thousands of clients later, proved this theory with 96% of all new clients coming from referrals of existing clients.