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Human Resource Services

Simplified HR compliance support. Best-in-class tools.


Access HR expertise…
whenever and however you need it.

Managing HR compliance is a challenge that is only growing in complexity. We provide best-in-class tools to manage workplace compliance and employee relations issues. Whether it’s convenient online resources or live HR support, we have a solution.

Best-in-class HR tools:

Customizable Employee Handbook Template

HR Concierge live chat assitance

HR quick guides and checklists

Easy-to-understand federal/state law libraries

Unlimited ask-the-pro consulting

Q&A on trending HR topics

Quarterly harassment prevention training

HR Support Center

The HR Support Center provides access to exclusive, industry-leading HR tools and resources, for just a few dollars a month. From employee handbooks, job descriptions and other commonly used HR documents, to up-to-the-minute law alerts, easy-to-understand state and federal law libraries, and unique training videos, the HR Support Center will help you effectively manage your HR compliance and employee relations needs.

HR On Demand

Gain access to our team of Certified HR Pros who will answer your questions and create custom handbooks, letters, forms, and job descriptions for you.

Our team of HR Pros answered more than 11,000 questions last year, on topics ranging from the Affordable Care Act and sick leave policies — to hiring, terminations, employee relations, and more.

Common HR Questions


Your business pulls you in many directions. Managing HR is just one of those challenges. Take the guesswork out of HR compliance by partnering with our easy, affordable HR tools and team of Certified HR Pros.


Our HR pros are ready to assist whether that’s online or through live interaction. See below for a list of common HR questions.

Discover a new, easier way to address HR compliance.


HR support that works for your needs.

Online Access, 24×7

Our cloud-based solution is available 24/7, and the exclusive content is created in-house by our team of certified HR Pros.

Live Chat & Email

Our live chat feature – HR Concierge – helps you easily identify and locate the HR issues and tools you need, when you need them most.

Over the phone

When we say “unlimited,” we mean it. With HR On-Demand, you can ask our team of certified HR Pros as many questions as you want, either online over the phone.


Need a more customized solution?
Try HR Complete.

Companies aren’t one-size-fits-all, and neither are their HR needs. That’s why we offer a variety of HR plans — for every business size and budget. If you’re looking for a more dedicated, custom HR solution, consider HR Complete. You have a dedicated HR Pro who gets to know your business, builds an HR action plan for you, works step-by-step with you to implement it, and is available anytime an HR issue arises.

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