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New Jersey Mandates eFile

New Jersey Mandates Electronic Filing and Payment for all (2009)
Payroll Tax Returns
Effective with the first quarter of 2009 (January 1, 2009 to March 31, 2009), New Jersey has mandated the electronic payment and filing of all New Jersey’s payroll tax liabilities and forms (Forms NJ-927, NJ-500 & WR-30).
What does this mean to you?
Since New Jersey will not accept paper checks or paper returns starting January 1, 2009, you need to choose between the following two options.
1. Let Digit do this for you.  Digit has always offered a full tax service to all of our clients.  With this service Digit electronically pays and files all payroll tax returns on behalf of our clients.  We debit (withdraw) the payroll tax liabilities from your bank account on pay date and remit these amounts to the various governmental agencies.  We guarantee this service free from penalties.  Copies of all payroll tax returns are sent to our clients for their records.
2. Upon notification from Digit that a payment is due to the State of New Jersey, instead of remitting the paper check and coupon, you would go to New Jersey’s web site and enter your NJ ID Number and PIN number to access your account.  Then proceed in making the payment by entering the payment amount and your bank account information or filing the return.
Action required
Please notify Digit via phone 732-254-2240, Fax 732-254-9460 or email if you choose option one, our full tax service.  We need to properly set up your account for this service.


Click Here For Step By Step Instructions for Option 2—Making New Jersey tax payments and filing New Jersey payroll tax returns on the web.