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New York Notice of Pay Rate and Pay Day for New Hires


New York Notice of Pay Rate Requirement

New York Labor Law now requires all New York employers to give employees at the time of hire, and on or before February 1 of each year, a Notice of Pay Rate and Pay Day.  The following are copies of the form that you may use to fulfill this new requirement.

Click on the following forms to download:
Standard Notice — Used for most standard workers
For Prevailing Rate Jobs — Used for prevailing rate (construction) jobs

Also the following is an explanation of this new form from New York (click to download):
New York Guideline for Notice of Rates of Pay
Brochure developed by New York explaining the Notice for Employees and Employers

Digit Payroll will provide, free of charge, a proforma of the Standard Notice of Pay Rate for new hires of New York employers effective February 1, 2012.