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Payroll Services

Everything you'll need in a payroll service.


Currently handling payroll internally?
Digit Payroll has the answer.

If you are currently handling payroll internally, chances are you are becoming bogged down by its increasingly complex demands. Keeping up with the constant changes in payroll legislation can be exasperating.

Everything you’ll need. Every pay period.

We serve clients across all 50 states, and we take care of the details every pay period so your organization is focused on performing at its best… not administration.

(1) Payroll Checks

(2) Payroll Check Register

(3) Check Listing Report

(4) Payroll Summary Report

(5) Next Payroll Worksheet

(6) Additional Reports

Payroll Checks with employee current and year-to-date earnings.

Payroll Check Register itemizes each employee’s paycheck, calculation and lists current and year-to-date payroll earnings.

Lists payroll and agency checks in numerical order for bank reconciliation.

Lists total of all earnings and deductions arriving at net pay. Calculates the employer tax liabilities.

Generated to facilitate processing of the next payroll.

We have over 150 additional reports that can be generated to suit your requirements.

Select a tab for more detail.

Let us take the stress and strain out of payroll.

We also offer online payroll.

Our robust cloud-based application provides all the tools necessary for employers to streamline payroll processing. Experience the convenience of a single database for Payroll, HR, and ACA Compliance, integrated with employee self-service, timekeeping solutions, paperless benefits management, employee on-boarding, applicant tracking, and a comprehensive HR support center.

Federal and state payroll forms


We debit the taxes automatically out of your bank account and remit the payroll taxes to the government on your behalf.  Relieving you of payment deadlines, missed deposits and PENALTIES.


– Form 941 – Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return.

– All States – Unemployment/Disability and Employment Withholding forms.

– Tax Deposits for Federal Unemployment Insurance.

– Local Payroll Tax Return


– Employer and Employee
– Federal and State W-3 Forms.
– Form 940 – Federal Unemployment Insurance Return.

Available services

We offer a comprehensive payroll service to address your every payroll need, including the preparation of numerous customized reports and the preparation of customizable payroll journal entry using clients’ chart of accounts. Other services include:

Direct Deposit

Automatic & electronic quarterly/annual tax filing

Automatic check signing

Check stuffing in pressure sealed envelopes

Form 1099 processing

Capabilities in all 50 states

Online remote payroll entry and reports

Next-day delivery

Preparation of departmental/project reports

In addition to payroll, Digit has a comprehensive range of integrated services to make paying and managing employees easy:

Time & Labor

Applicant Tracking & New Hire Onboarding

Pay-As-You-Go Workers Compensation Insurance

Human Resource Assistance

Health Insurance

401K and cafeteria plan services