Startup History - Digit Payroll
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Startup History

If this is a new business with no prior payroll then you are finished with the start up information.  Please fax a voided check to our office at 732-254-9460.  Also please fax any correspondence you have received from the IRS or the State you are regsitered with.

If this is an existing company that has payroll history for the current year, please fax over current year payroll tax returns (Fax No. 732-254-9460).  Also please speak with a payroll specialist concerning the data we need to include in your current year history.  Usually this means quarterly gross-to-net payroll summaries by employee. If you are switching  mid-quarter than we will need copies of individual payroll runs (gross-to-net) for the current quarter.  We will assign a dedicated payroll specialist to your account untill the set-up is complete.

Thank you for choosing Digit Payroll Corp.  Our specialists will make the initial set-up as seamless as possible.