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Verification of Employee’s Social Security Number

Verification of Employees Social Security Number


It is important to verify, as an employer, the correct social security numbers are being used for payroll reporting purposes.  Many unfavorable results, are the outcome of incorrect social security numbers including the following:

  • Notices from Social Security Administration stating that they could not match the submitted W-2 information with the social security number on their files.
  • Employees not being credited properly for Social Security Benefits.
  • State Department of Labor notices regarding employees (terminated) not being on record for Unemployment and Disability benefits.
  • Could lead to various governmental agencies requesting a review of your payroll records.
  • Employees not being able to properly prepare the annual income tax returns.
  • Saves time and costs in the long run, in preventing amended payroll tax returns to be prepared and submitted.

The Social Security Administration has devised a way that employers can verify on-line their employees social security numbers.  The web site does require a one time registration.  This could be a valuable tool to ensure that you have the correct information for your employees.

The Social Security Web Site is