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Why Digit

Everything you'll need in a payroll service.


Payroll is our business, allowing you to do your business.

Digit’s mission is a simple one: to provide quality, comprehensive payroll services to small and mid-sized companies in a professional and cost-effective manner. Digit is comprised of a highly skilled team of accountants who are tax and payroll specialists.

The solution to payroll.


What makes us different from other payroll companies?


We believe that it is trust that binds us to our clients. To secure this trust, we have dedicated ourselves to providing a level of service and responsiveness that is unparalleled in the industry.

Every aspect of payroll

Because Digit is a full-service company, we can handle every aspect of your payroll needs, whether you currently generate payroll internally or employ another service.

We can do it for less

Digit can do your payroll for less than what you are spending right now.

Digit Payroll has the answer

If you are currently handling payroll internally, chances are you are becoming bogged down by its increasingly complex demands. Keeping up with the constant changes in payroll legislation can be exasperating.

Save money

Digit Payroll will save you money. Not only can we manage your payroll for less, but we can also help you avoid costly payroll tax penalties for late and miscalculated filings. Over one-third of the country's employers incur such penalties.

Stay current with tax laws

Digit stays current with the latest tax law revisions, revisions that can affect your company. Confidentiality is assured, since fewer employees from within your company will need to be involved with payroll.

More time to focus

With Digit on board, you will have more time to concentrate your efforts on strategic planning and other vital financial concerns.


What our customers say.